Sign Language Dictionaries

Alphabet and Number Chart

While not a sign language dictionary, this is a simple chart showing the ASL alphabet and the numbers from 0 to 10.

Animated ASL Alphabet

Unlike charts of the sign language alphabet, this site has animated hands forming the letters in the appropriate way. There’s also a description of how the letter is made.

Though intended primarily for children, this basic sign language dictionary is animated to show how to form the words.

American Sign Language Alphabet

Ever wondered how to learn sign language? The best place to start is the sign language alphabet. This site not only describes how to form each letter, but also includes short videos demonstrating each one. A very basic ASL dictionary is also included just below the alphabet.

American Sign Language University

The creator of this website wanted to establish an online curriculum which includes a sign language dictionary as well as a step by step lesson sequence to improve anyone’s sign language. This is probably the most comprehensive online place to go for anyone wanting to know how to learn sign language.

Learning American Sign Language

Signing Savvy is a free site with a sign language alphabet and a video dictionary showing how to sign words. The word signing videos are arranged alphabetically and also by topic, like colors, states, or animals.

Hand Speak

With over 5,600 ASL words, this growing site includes an alphabetical sign language dictionary as well as both American and British sign language alphabets.

American Sign Language Browser

One of the best ASL sites on the web, the ASL Browser is great for those who need to know how to learn sign language or just want to expand their sign language vocabulary. The user can click on any word, arranged alphabetically, then the ASL sign is both described and demonstrated. This is the most extensive free ASL dictionary on the internet.


Another free sign language dictionary, ASL Pro is unique because it doesn’t just show how to sign a word, but also how to sign conversational phrases.

Classifiers in ASL

In advanced ASL, the speaker sometimes needs to describe how something or someone moves, appears, or is located. When this occurs, the signer uses what is called a classifier. This website describes each of the different types of classifiers, and a video demonstrates how to properly form each one.

Embe Outreach

Sometimes, there is special vocabulary within ASL which is used in different academic fields. This non-profit organization has compiled ASL videos into a special dictionary for these academic categories. These cover words used in areas like biology or U.S. history.

Texas Math Sign Language Dictionary

The Texas School for the Deaf hosts this sign language dictionary to help students, parents, or teachers learn to sign math terms and concepts. The signs can be shown either in ASL or SEE. The terms are accessed alphabetically like most dictionaries or according to grade level.

Signing Science Dictionary

People who have a basic fluency in sign language might need help with more advanced ASL words that are used in specialized fields like science. The Signing Science Dictionary demonstrates these specific terms which are used in various areas like chemistry and physics.

Medical ASL Dictionary

The medical community is becoming more aware of the need to increase the effectiveness of communication between doctors and the deaf. This medical ASL dictionary is designed both for medical professionals and the deaf to have access to ASL medical terms.

Cued Speech Dictionary PDF

Most deaf people in the United States use American Sign Language, or ASL, to communicate, but there are other forms of sign language. One of these is Cued Speech. ASL is its own language, with its own grammatical structure. Cued Speech, on the other hand, is a way of hand signing a spoken language like English.

British Desktop Lexicon for Sign Language

Most sign languages, especially those originating in English countries, have many similarities, but there are also quite a few differences. This lexicon is a dictionary for the form of sign language used in the United Kingdom.

Australian Sign Language Auslan Dictionary

Australian Sign Language, called Auslan, is different not only from ASL but also from British sign language. Like most of the online dictionaries, this one shows how to form the Auslan words, not just describing them.

New Zealand Sign Language Dictionary

This site is the primary source for words and phrases used in New Zealand Sign Language.