Deaf Blogs

The internet has opened a wealth of resources, and communication opportunities to the estimated 28-million people in the United States that are deaf or hard of hearing. Deafness is the physical lack of hearing. Hard of hearing is defined as significant hearing loss. Individuals who are hard of hearing have residual hearing that makes it possible to understand a portion of human speech. Deaf people have no significant hearing and rely on sign language or lip reading. Ninety-percent of deaf children have hearing parents.

Deafness has often been a barrier in society. However, with the resources available on the web, individuals can find and connect with a deaf community, deaf culture, or other deaf people.Deaf blogs cover a wide range of interests, topics, news, and deaf education opportunities. Deaf people blog about personal concerns, community topics, and subjects they are passionate about the same as hearing people do. Some deaf blogs are part of resource sites for deaf education or deaf community resources. The internet has helped connect the deaf culture and the deaf community. Deafness is not a disease. Deaf individuals can reach out to both deaf and hearing family, friends, and acquaintances through blogging. Hearing individuals can read deaf blogs and gain insight and understanding into deaf culture and the challenges deaf people face in society and in doing so find ways to strengthen that communication and understanding.

Below is a listing of deaf blogs. This list is not exhaustive but does contain a variety of group or resource blogs and personal blogs written by deaf people on a variety of topics.

  • Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning CCAC –The official blog for a community of volunteers supporting advocacy for good communication via captioning in the main categories of life which include, deaf education, entertainment, employment, healthcare, government, transportation and other areas where clear communication is vital.
  • Deaf Bilingual Coalition Blog – The Deaf Bilingual Coalition supports the right for all deaf children to have access to cognitive development and early language skills through ASL. Early access to ASL supports emotional, social, cognitive and linguist development in babies and young children. Their blog shares news, research developments, and more.
  • The Limping Chicken – This is a news site based in the UK that shares news of interest to the deaf community via a blog format. From sharing personal challenges deafface in a hearing society, to community support, and other insights, this blog is updated frequently-at times several times a day!
  • Mishka Zena: Endless Pondering  – This is a personal blog by a deaf civil rights activist who freely shares her exploration of various social and political challenges facing the deaf community.
  • TigerDeafie: Views. Rants, Happenings of a Deaf Academic – The goal of this blog is to communicate current news pertaining to genetics and deaf people.The author is deaf and currently a research associate involved in a research project, Genetics and Deafhood, at the University of Bristol, Center for Deaf Studies.
  • Nostalgic Childhood – This is a personal diary of sharing a candid look at life from a deaf individual in a hearing society.
  • Xpressive Hands – This is a blog discussing life from the viewpoint of a ‘fifty-something’ lady who became deaf later in life. She currently works as a volunteer several days a week teaching Sign Language to children in preK- 2nd grade.
  • At the Rim – This personal blog shares daily insights, observations, challenges, and frustrations faced by families with both hearing anddeaf family members. Post also focus on news, current events, and the support for deaf awareness.
  • Deaf Geographies Sandbox– This blog is a result of the need to explore DEAF space following the 2011 meeting of American Association of Geographers. This blog is a unique blend where language and space combine in the form of ASL.
  • NAD News– The official blog for the National Association of the Deaf NAD, this blog documents and shares news from NAD as well as topics from outside sources consistent NAD mission, goals, and priorities.
  • SRID: Deaf Fun – Shawn Richardson is an illustrator and design creator who embraces the deaf culture and deaf community. His blog is one of humor, cartons, and quips designed for Deaf fun.
  • Liz’s Deaf Blog – Author Elizabeth created this blog as a way to connect and communicate deaf related issues with others in thedeaf community. It is also hoped that for those who are hearing, a better understanding of challenges faced by the deaf will be acknowledged and understood a bit more clearly.
  • Hearing Mojo – After a sudden hearing loss in 2002, David Copithorne created this blog as a way to share news, technology, stories, information and the need for advocacy with hard of hearing and deaf individuals.
  • A More Silent World – A More Silent World is personal blog by a hard-of-hearing individual. Post topics include personal observations, news, stories, and commentaries on shows, education, and Sign Language. 
  • Deaf Tech News – Brings product reviews, news related to technology that can benefit HOH and deaf community. Posts also highlight how-to subjects, news, and features of special interest to the deaf and HOH communities.
  • Say What Club – This is a global community for people with hearing loss. Category tabs simplify navigation and recent posts are featured on the home page.
  • Confessions of a Cochlear Implantee –  This author offers a candid look at deafness, deaf people, and the opposing points of view regarding cochlear implants within the deaf community.
  • The Deaf Edge – This is a sociopolitical covering issue affecting the deaf community. Author Jeanette Johnson has two native languages, which are English and ASL. She is an active advocate in mental health services for the deaf and invites input and comments from her readers.
  • Ear of My Heart – This Deaf blog reminds hearing individuals as well as Deaf, that it is not always, what we think we hear. The ‘ear of the heart’ does true hearing and is where real connections are made.