Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act was first developed and then passed in 1990 and is designed to protect those who are disabled, including the deaf community, from discrimination when it comes to the workplace. This protection includes the process of hiring, firing, getting a raise, how much money the person is getting paid, and many other aspects of employment. This law includes the protection of deaf people and has a provision in it where a sign language interpreter can be provided during the time of a job interview. This important law has had a great impact on people within the deaf community. For those involved in deaf culture, the Americans with Disabilities Act provides a source of hope for people seeking gainful employment. 

For deaf people, getting a job may be more difficult than for those who can hear. With the Americans with Disabilities Act, those who experience deafness have a greater opportunity to be able to function normally in the workplace. For most companies that hire deaf people, they must be able to provide them with essential necessities such as a TTY telephone so they can make phone calls. The employer cannot discriminate against someone just because they are deaf. This is illegal and businesses may be penalized if they do so. Some companies will provide deaf education to their other employees, so that they can work better with those in the deaf culture. Sign language classes can be offered so that everyone can better communicate with their fellow workers who must persevere with deafness. Making a job easier for deaf people to cope with will benefit everyone in the long run.

The Americans with Disabilities Act applies to any company with fifteen or more employees. This law does not just assist deaf people or those within the deaf culture, it also applies to the blind, those in a wheelchair, and the learning impaired to name a few. Its purpose is to provide a welcoming and accommodating workplace for people of all backgrounds including the deaf community and those with other disabilities. It is important for companies to receive deaf education so they fully understand the needs of deaf people within the work environment. Through understanding and better communication, businesses can hire more people who are deaf without worrying about whether or not they can fully accomplish their goals. It is important that this law remain intact so that all members of the deaf culture will be able to receive gainful employment without discrimination.

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