Gadgets for the Deaf

Members of the deaf community have to find unique ways to do many of the tasks hearing people don’t even think about, because their deafness prevents them from performing the daily tasks that require the use of hearing. As technology becomes more advanced, new gadgets are constantly being invented to help deaf people meet the challenged presented by their deafness and hearing problems. These gadgets are very useful, because they make life more convenient and enjoyable for deaf and hearing impaired people, and they can also enhance deaf education. They have become an important part of deaf culture today. 

Alarm Clocks for the Deaf

One of the challenges members of the deaf community must find new ways to meet is how to wake up at certain times without the use of an alarm sounding. Now, there are alarm clocks that are specially made for the deaf and hard of hearing. These alarm clocks come in several different forms, including extra loud alarm clocks, vibrating alarm clocks, and alarm clocks with flashing lights. 

Vibrating Watches and Timers

Another device that can help deaf and hearing-impaired people keep up with their daily schedules is the vibrating watch or timer. This device can be used as a reminder for showing up for appointments on time, taking medications, refilling parking meters, and other purposes. It can also serve as wake-up alarm for those deaf people who are not heavy sleepers.


The VV-Talker is a great device that can improve the communication skills of deaf children and facilitate deaf education. This compact toy-like device imitates the actions of speech and displays the vibrations of sounds on a screen. Deaf children can learn to speak more accurately by producing vocal vibrations that are similar to those displayed on the screen. The VV-Talker can provide valuable deaf education for children anytime and anywhere.

TV Listener Infrared Stereo System

People who are affected by deafness or hearing impairment may turn on the volume extra loud when they watch television. This can be a problem when family members or housemates may be trying to sleep or study, and they may be bothered by the loud sounds from the television. The TV Listener allows one member of a household to listen to the television at higher volumes than the others. It ensures that deaf people will be able to watch their favorite television shows without disturbing their housemates. The TV Listener is an essential device for members of deaf culture who want to be able to enjoy television programming without disturbing those who live with them.

Door Knock or Doorbell Signalers

Another problem that is often experienced by members of the deaf community is that they cannot hear the sound of visitors knocking on their doors or pressing their door bells. To solve this problem, they can purchase a door knock or doorbell signaler. This device can provide notification in one room or several rooms by making the lights flicker or by other means.

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