High Frequency & Low Frequency Hearing Loss

Those dealing with sudden hearing loss are often left in a state of bewilderment, shock, and fear. Hearing loss causes may be varied and are always to be investigated. It is important that anyone dealing with a sudden hearing impairment in a child or their own personal loss educate himself or herself on what they are facing. Hearing loss can be a troubling time, but with education, resources, and equipping yourself with knowledge, you can face whatever challenges lie ahead. Different types of hearing impairment include sensorineural, mixed, and conductive hearing loss. Hearing impairments may be partial, full, or temporary. Some hearing impairments, including those that come on suddenly, may leave a person completely deaf. Every case of sudden hearing loss is different and each person must address his or her own situation on an individual basis.

Sensorineural hearing loss is defined as loss of hearing that occurs within the inner ear. This often results in low frequency hearing loss. Several causes of sensorineural hearing loss include various diseases, injury to the ear, or nerve ending damage. Conductive hearing loss is the result of damage, trauma, or disease to the outer or middle ear. There may be a variety of hearing loss causes that results in either high or low frequency loss. Sometimes, conductive hearing loss is the result from fluid collecting in the middle ear. This is often seen in young children that suffer frequent ear infections. Many cases of conductive hearing loss are temporary and will heal in time. Sensorineural hearing loss is often permanent. All hearing loss is troubling and must be addressed immediately. As some hearing impairment is temporary, it is important to know the best way to treat the condition. Those dealing with permanent hearing loss will need to make lifestyle changes.

Sudden hearing loss is described as a reduction in hearing of at least 30 decibels that occurs within a 72 hour time period. This type of hearing loss affects more men than women and frequently targets those between the ages of 30 and 60-years-old. Hearing loss causes responsible for sudden hearing impairment are varied and immediate medical attention is required. Those who experience this type of hearing loss are advised to see their health care professional as soon as possible.

The deaf community consists of many members ranging from infants born without the ability to hear, to seniors who lose their hearing after the age of 75. It is important that those dealing with hearing loss take advantage of the opportunities available through the deaf community. With a good support system and by taking advantage of the resources available, anyone dealing with high or low frequency hearing loss can overcome obstacles they face. There are many opportunities available for the hearing impaired and utilizing these resources can ensure that those who are hearing impaired live a full life, whether old or young.