Cochlear Implant Surgery

A cochlear implant is a small device that is surgically implanted to help improve the hearing of those who are deaf or extremely hard of hearing. Sometimes, cochlear implants are referred to as a bionic ear and there is no shortage of discussion regarding the cochlear implant controversy. So what is a cochlear implant and what does it do? The device is designed to help those who are deaf because of damage done to the tiny hair cells found in the cochlea, a part of the inner ear. The patient must undergo cochlear implant surgery in order for the hearing to improve. Worldwide, there are over 200,000 people who have undergone cochlear implant surgery. A small amount of those people received a cochlear implant in both ears, which is referred to as bilateral implants. While cochlear implant surgery is not a complete solution to deafness, it can greatly improve peoples’ ability to receive a higher sound quality and understand speech more clearly.

There have been some issues surrounding the concept of cochlear implants. Not everyone believes it is the best solution for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Some of the cochlear implant controversy comes directly from the deaf community itself. Members of the deaf community are extremely proud of their deaf culture and don’t want to change their way of life to accommodate the hearing population by undergoing cochlear implant surgery. Many people are starting to see the positive side of getting a cochlear implant, especially for young children. While the cochlear implant controversy is still very real, many people now realize that often cochlear implant surgery is the best option for kids who are so young that they still have a chance to be able to hear vocalizations, music, speech, and other sounds.

There is much more to having a cochlear implant than just the cochlear implant surgery itself. Ongoing speech therapy often accompanies cochlear implant surgery to ensure that the patient can process and understand spoken words and sounds. This therapy can be costly, but it is well worth it for those who were previously deaf or extremely hard of hearing. Results in terms of improved hearing will vary from patient to patient, but most people who undergo cochlear implant surgery experience some percentage of improvement in terms of hearing quality. When someone asks “what is a cochlear implant” the question can often be answered by saying that it is a life-changing device that can alter someone’s hearing for the better. This amazing device is complex yet precise, and provides people with a new lease on life that they may have never had the ability to experience before.

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