Schools for the Deaf

Children and teens who are affected by deafness and other hearing problems may have trouble assimilating into mainstream education systems. The educational methods that are used in mainstream schools are developed for hearing children, and they may not meet the learning needs of children from the deaf community. Also, deaf children may feel discriminated against when they try to socialize in these schools, because ordinary children are not familiar with deaf culture, and they may make fun of their deafness. As such, many parents have decided to send their hearing-impaired children to schools that provide specialized deaf education. Schools for the deaf use teaching methods that cater specifically to deaf people, and their student populations are entirely made up of people from the deaf community. These schools allow deaf students the chance to gain an unparalleled understanding of deaf culture, and they provide a more conducive environment to learn and socialize. There are many schools that provide specialized deaf education in the United States, and it is possible for deaf people to gain a good education up through college level.

Kendall Demonstration Elementary School

Kendall Demonstration Elementary School was founded in 1857, and it is located on the Gallaudet University campus in Washington DC. It is a day school that serves deaf children of all ages, ranging from newborns to early teens. Its programs consist of the Parent-Infant Program and Grades 1 to 8.

American School for the Deaf

The American School for the Deaf is the school for the hearing-impaired that has been operating the longest in the US, and is the place where the American Sign Language was born. It has contributed immensely to American deaf culture over the years, and it continues to provide the highest quality deaf education. It offers a comprehensive range of educational programs, from pre-school to Grade 12, and its teaching methods are developed to meet the individual needs of students.

Model Secondary School for the Deaf

Model Secondary School for the Deaf is also situated on the Gallaudet University campus. It offers a tuition-free day and residential high school program for students who are affected by deafness and hearing impairment. Its four-year program seeks to help students gain all the skills and knowledge they need to overcome the challenges that they will face in their adult lives.

Maryland School for the Deaf at Frederick

Maryland School for the Deaf at Frederick provides excellent education for deaf people ranging in age from infancy to 21 years old. It offers bilingual and individualized deaf education, and its programs have gained accreditation from the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

California School for the Deaf at Fremont

The California School for the Deaf at Fremont has an extensive range of educational programs to meet the learning needs of deaf people. These programs include early childhood school, elementary school, middle school, high school, and career technical school. It teaches all the skills that are required for effective learning, critical thinking, maturation, and independence.

Gallaudet University

Gallaudet University is the oldest and finest school of higher learning for the deaf and hearing-impaired in the world. It offers undergraduate and graduate programs that are specifically designed for students who belong to the deaf community. Students can choose from a wide selection of majors, including deaf studies, interpretation, business administration, government, history, information technology, graphic design, social work, and many others.

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